Practice Areas

Wills and Estates

Knowledgeable counsel is the first step to smooth estate planning and administration.   Robert Liotta has more than a decade of experience helping individuals craft wills that help achieve personal objectives and minimize tax liability and the potential for disputes among heirs and beneficiaries. Each plan is specifically tailored to the client’s individual needs.  This includes the young family just beginning their life together to the affluent, well-established matriarch concerned with the succession of the family business.  Types of estate planning tools frequently used include:

  • Wills revocable trust, and powers of attorney for medical and financial decisions  
  • Guardianships 
  • Marital Deduction and Qualified Termination Interest Property Trusts 
  • Special Needs Trusts  
  • Charitable Trusts  
  • Family LLC’s , Intentionally Defective Irrevocable Trusts and other Gift Leveraging Tools  


Trust and estate administration can be unintentionally challenging due to a variety of reasons such as changing laws, family dynamics, and the estate planning tools selected.   When the time comes to administer the estate,  Robert Liotta is known for his compassion, empathy and his ability to help families work through matters as expeditiously as possible through this very challenging time.

Real Estate

Robert Liotta regularly assist clients with their real estate needs ranging from the most basic, simple transactions to sophisticated, complex matters.  This includes but is not limited to: 

  • drafting and negotiating purchase agreements 
  • construction contracts negotiation and enforcement 
  • drafting financing and lending documents 
  • land division and subdivision approvals  
  • resolving title, zoning, utilities, environmental and real estate tax issues  
  • Rezoning, including conditional rezoning, and easements and restrictive covenants  
  • Obtaining variances, site plan approvals, and special use permits  
  • Assisting clients on troubled real estate, loan sales and purchases 

Personal Injury

Too often, the “personal” component of personal injury seems to get lost among the towers of paperwork.  When handling plaintiff’s personal injury matters, Robert Liotta is a master at keeping clients’ best interests at heart, ensuring the greatest care and diligence are taken at every step of the process, whether the case reaches a settlement or is taken to trial.   Rob also has working relationships with fellow attorneys who serve as co-counsel in appropriate cases, providing the power and resources of a litigation team while still offering the convenience and personal attention of a small, local firm.  Rob handles the following personal injury actions: 

  • Auto Accidents 
  • motorcycle, and boating accidents 
  • brain injuries 
  • slip and fall accidents 
  • injuries related to pharmaceuticals 
  • medical malpractice; and 
  • nursing home abuse 

Family Law

Family is very important to Robert Liotta.   As a father, sibling and a son, his compassion and empathy combined with his thorough knowledge helps clients navigate this particularly complex and personal area of the law. 

 One of the most common family law areas Rob handles is divorce and the matters related thereto (custody, child and spousal support and division of marital property).  Going through a divorce is a difficult time in any person's life, especially if there are minor children involved.  When representing a client in the divorce process, Rob strives to insure that his clients fully understand the process and their options while he remains focused on their individual situation. 

Rob also regularly represents clients in other family law matters, including:

  • Adoption 
  • Guardianship 
  • Client Support 
  • Post –divorce enforcement and contempt actions


Civil Litigation

Being “served” with a lawsuit can be an incredibly intimidating experience.  Conversely making the decision to pursue legal action against a company or individual who has not upheld their obligation to you can also be daunting.  Whether representing a plaintiff or a defendant, Robert Liotta is committed to helping his clients understand the litigation process, comply with the multitude of steps required and reach the best possible resolution for the matter at hand.   

In addition to being a skilled trial lawyer, Rob is an effective negotiator and mediator, resulting in many issues being resolved before entering a courtroom.  Resolving disputes before getting to court can save valuable time, money, and ensure more privacy.